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SCA is a leader in the development, production and marketing of personal care and tissue products. It’s the largest supplier of consumer tissue in Europe and is one of the world’s largest players in personal care products

One of its largest mills is in Prudhoe (UK) and produces SCA’s brands: Velvet, Cushelle and Tork. This plant has streamlined production and warehousing with the introduction of a fully automated storage warehouse in 2006 eliminating inefficiencies and double handling of stocks. Having made a significant investment in automation and efficiency, SCA chose in 2010 FHG IPP Logipal as its pallet rental provider to supply high quality pallets in large volumes into the plant and for onward handling of its brands downstream to SCA’s demanding retail partners.

FHG IPP Logipal was chosen as a pallet rental partner for its quality service, and its flexible approach to working together including a ‘can do’ attitude to creating value.

"High Automation drives the need for pallet quality for SCA"

Facts & Figures

SCA has 36 tissue and 23 personal hygiene production facilities globally and employs more than 45.000 people. It acquired the mill at Prudhoe in Northumberland (UK) in 1996. Its highly dynamic channel storage warehouse supports SCA’s logistics processes within its International Distribution Centre (IDC).

  • Stored Goods: Tissue & Personal Hygiene products on FHG IPP Logipal pallets
  • Number of trips per year: over 900.000
  • Pallet locations: 24.800
  • Instoring capacity: 140 TU/h
  • Outstoring capacity: 164 TU/h
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 117.3 x 46.7 x 40.5m
  • Type: high dynamic channel storage warehouse with roll pallets

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