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Our Supply Partners

We are pooling experts. We have built up a network of experts in their own field and we work with an extensive network of supply partners: pallet producers, repair stations, transporters and even customers.

Some of our supply partners

It’s not possible here to name all of our supply partners. We would like to introduce you to some of them.

James Jones

Since starting business in the UK 14 years ago, IPP has worked extensively with James Jones, one of the UK’s foremost timber processors. James Jones has built an excellent reputation as a supplier of timber, pallets and inspection and repair services.

FA Hawkins

FA Hawkins Transport has seen a 1,000 per cent increase in volumes since it started working with IPP in 2007. Based on great service, it is one of IPP’s preferred suppliers of transport services.

WR Carter & Sons

WR Carter and Sons became a supply partner in 2010. In that year, the company moved 6,000 pallets for IPP. By 2018, the volume exceeded one million pallets; an increase of more than 17,000 per cent.

TJ Moore

TJ Moore Transport is a recent addition to IPP’s growing network of supply partners. In 2018, it dealt with more than 70,000 pallets.

For over a 100 years, AARTS TRANSPORT BV has been a well-known company in the south of the Netherlands. Cooperation is key in our company. "For 2 decades, IPP has been our sustainable partner, locally - nationally and even internationally. We move 1.000.000 pallets per year."

Become a Supply Partner

Interested in becoming part of Europe's longest standing circular economy models and working with us? 
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