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We are IPP

We are part of Faber Halbertsma Group, one of Europe’s largest pallet producers and poolers. A family owned business with a long heritage of adding value to customers and proudly operating to high standards of sustainability. This heritage guides everything we do.

Providing seamless service

Twenty-four hours a day, we deal with some of Europe’s most demanding, time-sensitive and fast-moving retail supply chains. We also work across Europe’s industrial and responsible recycling systems, ensuring that upstream products and materials are seamlessly carried into manufacturing centres. Through it all, we make sure that end of life products are collected, recovered and recycled. Our business never stops moving.

A reuse-based business

By supplying tracking, management, and extensive recovery and refurbishment services, and matching availability with demand, we provide major reuse models across Europe. We focus on sustainable sourcing, on improving efficiency, on reducing waste and on collaborating across supply chains to reduce cost and environmental impact.

Putting the customer first

Harnessing the talents of our great teams of people, we put our customers first, striving to build long partnerships and relationships and delivering flexible and innovative solutions.

We are IPP.

Working together

We focus on sharing transport and space and we have some great examples of how we collaborate with customers and their transporters to reduce costs, road-miles and carbon footprint. We also actively look at how we can reduce costs by placing a depot adjacent to or within a customer’s factory.

Where we are

With the extensive coverage of our 61-service-centre network we recover pallets from tens of thousands of collection points.

Supply partners

IPP would not exist without our extensive network of supply partners in transport, production, refurbishment and much more.


At IPP, behind our great service sits our team of dedicated people. Their skills and attitude make the difference. We are always looking for new talent to join our teams across Europe. Visit our careers page for more information.